Cantina di Verona Spa is a commercial society, entirely controlled by Cantina Valpantena Verona Sca, cooperative wine company, which operate in Verona from 1958 in the North-East area.

Valpantena in greek means “Valley of Gods”, but in the tradition it has taken the mean of “Valley of all wines”.
In the hearth of this valley situated in the North-East of Verona, it operates Valpantena Verona that represents one of the most winemaking realities of this area.
The presence of the grapevine in Valpantena has its origin over time. In fact, the sweetness of the wine in addition to the taste of the valley’s products, seem to have enchanted first the Cimbri population and then the Romans. These populations have immediately considered the richness of the Valpantena territory, so they started to intensify the deforestation of the territory and to plant the vines.

Over the last decade Cantina di Verona Spa has started to be always more independent, purchasing the raw materials (wines and bulk wines), and developing an independent sell system. Today Cantina di Verona Spa includes about 300 farms, that cultivate overall about 600 hectares of vineyards, situated in the controlled denomination of origin area of the hilly territory in Verona.

In July 2003, after the fusion with the oil manufacture company in Verona, there has been the addition of other 150 company of the same industry, creating in this way a new commercial reality in Valpantena.
The commitment and the care assured in all phases of the production process, where tradition and technological innovation are together related, have carried out the company to obtain an excellent quality level, allowing in this way to fully take advantage of all qualities of the grapes and of the olives given by the own associated.
The successes obtained in the more important international wine competitions, represent the deserved award for this steady research focused in the improvement of the production and quality standard of the company.