The Tenuta Patruno Perniola, was founded at the beginning of 19th century on a suggestive hill (350 mt. a. a.s.l.) near Gioia del Colle in the center of the Murgia terroir, a karst plateau in the center of Apulia.

The beating heart of the estate, 100% certified as organic, is represented by the historic family "masseria" (manor farm) recently refurbished and turned into an agro touristic hotel.

The passion for winemaking has been handed down through several generations, preserving and enriching the features of the most important local wine variety, the Primitivo di Gioia del Colle.

The vineyard, cured with traditional techniques is on the side of the manor farm, and is exposed to sun, wind flow, important thermic excursions.
These are the so called "Red Lands", calcareous soil rich of ferrous minerals which give the typical rusty color to the soil.

The grapes are carefully selected in the vineyards and the winery operations are never invasive and do not interfere with full aromatic expression of the wines produced, whose main characters are sophistication and elegance, marked by subtlety to the environment and to the intent of enhancing the character of the Primitive; red grapes of Primitivo grape, are, in fact, the symbol, the identity and the wine history of Gioia del Colle.

Apiculture, rich biodiversity and strictly organic farming and production techniques confirm the full company's respect for the environment.