With the respect for environment which we wish to preserve intact, keeping up the ancient tradition of our fathers, we cultivate the vineyards in accordance with the severe dictates of the Franciacorta code which guarantees and control the designation of origin D.O.C.G.

The 15 hectares estate is directly controlled and cultivated from the fruit to the bottle. La Cantina "Bredasole" represents the last outpost on the edge of the Franciacorta area overlooking the lake Sebino and the first rapids of 'Oglio, his emissary.
Their philosophy is to consider the vineyards as an important part of the landscape and not only a “factory” where to produce grapes.

According to an ancient tradition, Dante Alighieri spent a few time of his life in the famous Castello di Paratico, where he took inspiration by the green and smooth hills around the castle. At Bredasole they work to connect history and poetry to the most up to date technology.